The Foundation for Coloring Away Pain - Helping Children Cope One Coloring Book At A Time

The Foundation for Coloring Away Pain is currently answering the needs of those devastated by the earthquakes in Japan and Equador.

If you are interested in donating to help offset the cost of shipping and to purchase crayons, please visit our "How You Can Help Page" located in the left hand menu.

Together we can help kids cope, one coloring book at a time.

Welcome to
The Foundation for Coloring Away Pain
We are glad your here!  The Foundation for Coloring Away Pain is a 501 ( C ) 3 organization that donates our original coloring books, along with a new box of crayons to children who have been affected by devastating natural and man-made disasters. 
Children's limited life experiences and immature language skills often leave them confused, scared and silent during times of difficulty and tragedy.  Realizing a child's first written language is coloring and drawing, The Foundation for Coloring Away Pain was founded to help children open up. 
The Foundation for Coloring Away Pain is run by VOLUNTEERS.  
Our monthly expenses are minimal, totaling less than $40.00 per month for the hosting of our web site and maintaining our toll-free number.  This allows for 99.9% of the monies received to go to the printing and shipping of coloring books and crayons to the children in need! 
Whether it is a community devastated by a hurricane or a child who has lost their parent to senseless violence, it is our hope to help children cope and encourage them to tell their story through drawing and coloring.
Check out our "Events" page for fun and exciting ways you can help us help those children affected by the natural disasters.
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