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How It All Began

“What Happened To Me, A Listen To My Story Coloring Book” series was born. Our coloring books are unique in that they are two part. The first half of the book feature characters who have experienced a similar situation as the child, the second half allows children to journal and or illustrate their very own experience allowing their own personal story to be heard.
The Foundation for Coloring Away Pain began as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Watching the devastation on TV Kimberly wanted to do more than just write a check, she wanted her and her children to become involved first hand in the recovery efforts. “I have always taught my children that it is not what the world can do for them, but what they can do for the world. This became the perfect opportunity to put those words into practice”.

With in weeks, Kimberly and the
children had collected over 6,000
coloring books and boxes and
crayons to send to the children
who had lost everything to this
terrible storm. Dozens of local
business, churches, schools and
strangers from across the country
donated coloring books and crayons.
DHL shipping joined in was kind enough to donate all the delivery to the Gulf Coast states that were affected. Receiving the thank you letters and pictures from kids who received the coloring books and crayons was so rewarding. From there it was decided to create and write a line of coloring books that dealt specifically with the trials and life changing events children face.


The Foundation for ColorinAway Pain