It is rare when we receive a card or letter from those who we have helped.  Most, if not all, of the recipients have just experienced total devastation.  Although grateful, the last thing on their mind is sending a letter when worried about putting a roof over their families heads.  We understand that.  This page is to share with you those letters we are fortunate to receive.  I hope you are as touched by them as we are as you read how a simple coloring book and box of crayons touched their lives.   

I am a big proponent of your product!   I was a school counselor in Aplington-Parkersburg, Iowa back in 2008 when an E-F 5 tornado hit and wiped out 1/3 of Parkersurg, including the high school.  Your company sent several hundred of your wonderful coloring books to us without anyone even calling!!  They were a complete surprise, and a wonderful support to our kids!!  In fact I had never heard of them, but since then I have told every counselor I know about them! (and I do quite a few workshops now on trauma etc.)  I am currently not working as a school counselor, altho' I hope to go back part time, but I do teach part time at the University of Northern Iowa training "soon to be" school counselors, and I always make sure they know about your wonderful colorbooks!  Thank you so much!!

Kathie Barry
Cedar Falls, Iowa

On May 22, 2011, an F5 tornado came through Joplin, Missouri, leaving a large portion of the town devastated.  There were 4 school buildings destroyed and one severely damaged.  Every child who lives in Joplin was impacted by the tornado in one way or another.  
Through grant funding, a team of 5 therapists and 5 case managers were hired to provide trauma related services to the over 7500 students in Joplin schools.  I am one of those therapists.  Since school began in August, we have been addressing issues related to the trauma of the tornado.  One of the most valuable tools we have had has been your tornado coloring book.  We have utilized the book in both individual and group settings within the schools.  It is very well written and illustrated.  It provides a starting point for children to begin talking about their unique experience with the tornado.  The coloring book has been especially helpful with students who have had difficulty expressing feelings about the experience.  The book provides a safe, non-threatening means for children to express themselves and share the experience with others.  
I would like to thank you on behalf of the entire Joplin School Based Trauma Team for developing and sharing such a wonderful resource.  Your coloring books are helping 1,000's of students here in Joplin overcome the traumatic impact of the tornado which destroyed much of their home town.  I look forward to utilizing more of your coloring books in my continued work with children who have experienced traumatic events.
Tracy A. Clements, LPC
School Based Trauma Therapist
Joplin, MO

I cannot thank you enough for bringing me English and French copies of "The Day the Earth Shook" yesterday at my elementary school.  I did not get a chance to use it at that time with my 3rd grade student, because I wanted to share it with two of my Haitian co-workers to get their input first.  The three of us were working with a high school student this morning who had just started here this week, and has been having difficulties coping... Long story short (which is hard for me) I asked him to look at the book and share his thoughts on if it would be helpful for my 3rd grader... After reading the book, he said it was amazing and had already helped him feel better!!!!  He said he realized the importance of talking about what had happened, knowing that his family were all safe now, and felt less guilty about surviving.  He asked if he could keep the book, and that instead of drawing, he was going to write about his own story.  
I'm sure you know what a difference your organization has made, but I thought it was important to share the story of the difference you made in the life of a child today.  Thank you so much!
I will be sharing the book and information with my area social workers and area coordinator.  In this terrible budget time, I am hopeful we will be able to find some way to purchase some books.  I know from my experience today that it would be money well spent! 
School Social Worker
Central Area Student Services Broward County Public Schools 

"Dear Coloring Away Pain,
I have been searching out a way to help ease the feeling of anxiety and confusion of losing all that give the children hope and security.  My family are a one income family, do to my health.  I have been out of work for over a year.  We can't give much, so as I read through your fund raising for all these needs I came across Coloring Away Pain.  I thought to myself, now here's something I can do.  I have told family and friends of your wonderful organization, they too want to contribute.  Please continue your good works.  Our money is tight.  We have no health insurance and live month to month.  But I had to do what ever I could, and I just loved your idea.  Living, born and and raised in South Fla. I know how scarey these horrible hurricanes can be.  With help from people like you- we know that God has truely blessed you all, with loving, giving and caring hearts.  Thank you."
The Lloyd Family

"Dear Ms. Kimberly Pressley-Herrick,
Thanks for every thing.  You are a big help to this school I mean it.  You made us foget about the things we lost.  I wonder wat would it be like if we haven't had this Hurricane Katrina.  But we had it though.  Thank to you helped us forget about it.  And I thank you for that.  P.S.  I hope to be your new penpal."
Your Penpal,
love, Jon- 

"My mom and dad stayed in the hericane they said it was so bad.  They think it had torn down our house.  By the beach was realy bad houses were down in the road.  I thought my mal-mal's house was down.  Think goodness it was still up."
Thank you,
Michael D., 4th grade
Escatawpa Elementary  

"My mom and dad was not scared but me yes I was scared but lukely the water was not over my head and if it was I had my life jakit on.  Wen the water was at my house my Uncle came and got us it was not bad then but my house got mess up bad.  And now my dad got the house fix.  Wen he fixed it I was glad wen he was done.  The End."
Dusty H., 4th grade
Escatawpa Elementary

"Thanks for the smile you put on my face and for so many other people.  God bless you all for brightening my buitiful day."
Naomi S., student

"Dear Ms. Pressley-Herrick,
Thank you for the coloring books and crayons!  It helped me feel better after the hurricane."
Coriana T.

"Dear Kimberly,                                                                                                                        December 6, 2005
Thank you so very much for donating the coloring books, crayons, sticker books and story books to the Down Syndrome Association of Greater New Orleans.  Our children will love spending time coloring and reading.  That was so very thoughtful of you and our children certainly appreciate it."
Thank you again,
Karen Scallon

"Dear Ms. Pressley-Herrick,
The students have really enjoyed using their "Coloring Away Pain" books.  Your thoughtfulness and generosity is greatly appreciated.  I hope that your home was spared during this past Hurricane Wilma."
Jeanie Gabler
Washington Elementary

"Dear Coloring Away Pain,
On behalf of The National Military Family Association (NMFA) I would like to say thank you for your book "My Hero".  This book is a unique way to help children deal with the difficulties of deployment.  We will add this book along with any other books  you would like to pass on to our library of recourses for military families.
Thank you again for all you do in support of military children and their families."
Holly Allen
Administrative Assistant
Communications/Book Review

"Escatawpa Elementary wants to thank you for the wonderful donations.  It was very exciting to see the faces of the children as they received their packages.  Even sixth graders were excited.  We will be sending you a few of our pictures.  I hope you made out OK during the storm that came your way."
Eileen G. Ogborn
Second Grade Teacher
Escatawpa Elementary
Nov. 7, 2005

"Hi!  I am Bayleigh, I am 10.  I go to Audobun Elementary and I have 3 sisters.  I am so thankful for getting all of these things from you.  My house flooded but at least it's still there.  My mom and dad are working very hard to fix it.  Thank you for your prayers, my family is very greatful for everyones help and we will pray for God to bless your family."

Thank you so much for the generous donations for our children.  I look forward to all of the creativity and happiness you were able to help foster.  I will be sure to send you pictures of the children using the art suppplies.  Your actions are so noble and we feel blessed to know you."
Cathy Kennedy

"Hi Kimberly                                                                                                                                     April 4, 2007
I received the books.  These books are wonderful.  A Listen to My Story Coloring Book is a genius idea.  The coloring books are non threatening, I have eight grandchildren and live in a community that helping kids cope has been my mission.
In this high crime community, BULLYING is a normal situation that these kids face everyday I will not stand for bullies. About a year ago my next door neighbor child was being bullied for the entire school year, and he never told his mother. After end of the school year this child was plotting to kill the bully so that his summer wouldn't get interrupted and his mother wouldn't find out about it. I always have said bullies destroy many lives his/hers, family and he definitely destroys the life of the person and his family who is getting bullied because eventually that person wants to retaliate.  After receiving the books on Monday, April 2nd I asked around the office about bullies, too many employees children or grandchildren were victims of bullies.  I even ask some of the clients in our Behavioral Modification if any of them were ever bullies or victime of bullies.  I was surprised to hear who were actually bullies, and those 11 individuals who were bullies all did not have a GED or finished high school, and the 3 individuals who were victims of a bully had psychological problems.
Every week in this community there are at least 2-3 funerals.  Victims of drug overdose, drive by shooting, police shootings, etc.  On March 29, 2007 a kid, 12 years old got hit by a truck.  Rumor was that this kid was playing cat and mouse with the truck.  Cat and mouse is when you jump in and out of the street before the car hits you.  Unfortunately this kid died instantly.  When I went to the funeral the entire school had to be closed.  All the children attended his funeral.  This little boy was loved and he will be missed.  I will counseling some of the parents and children and the coloring books, even though the children are junior high school age, these book will really help the children understand things a little bit better, and also give me a point to start the counseling session.
The Do Over coloring book is perfect for the situations we face with truancy and only 38% of these children graduated from 8th grade.  When these children do not graduate from eighth grade they just drop out.  Kimberly, I love the story about your son when he told the other students he wanted to repeat his grade over.  I can tell these children this story and explain to them that if doing 8th grade over would make them better high school students then make the decision to do the grade over and move on to high school and help the younger one who might be at risk of failing. Thank you so very much, this was a very kind gift from you."
Robin Quinn
Ford Heights Hope Center
Ford Heights, IL


Meet Marissa; one of our most FABULOUS volunteers.  I have yet to meet a more pro-active,

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been involved for many years with The Foundation for Coloring Away Pain.  Marissa has

organized crayon drives, attended expo's, delivered coloring books, and even worked with

the children receiving them.  We are so fortunate to have Marissa and appreciate

everything she has done over the years.

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